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Hey there, I’m Christina Delia. I’m a female sponsored shooter, brand ambassador & model, working and living in DC Metro area.


I’m a female shooter who has been actively shooting for 14 years and eager to compete in the USPSA and Three Gun competitions. A model & brand ambassador for the industry for the past 4 years, I specialize in shooting, hunting, outdoor and tactical edits. Raised by a Marine father who and a mother that instilled determination and intensity for life, I shot my first gun in nothing but a diaper and my mom’s high heels. I haven’t turned back since.

I not only strive to be a competitive shooter, but also hope to give back to the community and industry with my involvement. My main goal is to work with companies that benefit veterans and education of young kids interested in the shooting industry. My father, a Vietnam vet, still suffers from PTSD to this day. Rightly so, it would be an honor to work with children or veterans in the future.


Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

- Winston Churchill


Being a female in a male run industry gives most of us the label of “gun bunny,” simply because people assume we aren’t knowledgeable and don’t have enough training. I have the utmost respect for the ladies out there who are here for the right reasons, making their voices heard, and correcting the stigma.


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